Apni Vidya - V2 Update

By: Arijit Debnath (CTO, Apni Vidya Core)

Date: 07-04-2024

This is a major update of our website and we are glad to announce the v2 version of our site! Below, I have stated all the features available in this new update:

1. Better UI/UX

We have worked on our UI and UX and we are satisfied with our new update of the site providing a great user experience!

2. Teacher Profile Dashboard

Teacher Profile
Now everyone can login and create a teacher profile and also can access their own Teacher profile dashboard from where they can edit their own profile and everything they want to!

3. Public Profile

Teacher Profile

Every teachers now have their own public profile which they can share and promote themselves!

Example Link: Example Public Profile

4. Better Search Page

The search page now have a better system for searching teachers, including navigations, handling limits, optimised search bar, filters, etc.

4.2. Users are prohibited from engaging in any illegal activities or actions that violate these Terms.

5. Recommendation and Verified Profiles

Teachers can have their profile verified (still planning how we should provide this feature to public, if you have any ideas, then please suggest us from here.). Having a verified profiles means people will reach you more easily, for example through the "Only show recommended teachers" filter in our search page. We also provide a verified checkmark which makes to easy to show that your profile is recommended.

6. Personal Profile Dashboard

Teacher Profile
You can now edit your personal profile from your own Profile Page.

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